Bangalore Startup Hiring Soon

FDN Media Inc is a US Based Digital Media Company in the process of setting up a India Private Limited India Company to be based in Bangalore. Accordingly we have started the process to look for a team for our India affiliated startup. Soon we will be hiring for:

  • Social Media Marketing Interns – 6 month internship – stipend 10,000 mo 
  • Digital Marketing Associate – Starts at 28,000 Inr Mo.
  • (2) Content Writers Starts at 30,000 Inr Mo

  • (2) Night Shift Moderators – Starts at 20,000 Inr Mo

  • SEO Technician Starts at 25,000 Inr Mo

  • (1) PHP Programmers – Must have exp creating API’s with NGINX and Node.JS exp. Starts at 75,000 Inr Mo – 125,000 Inr Mo

  • Senior Devops Infrastructure Specialist – Balance the LOAD! Starts at 45,000 Inr – 60,000 Inr 

Use the contact us page to contact us or Add Ronnyl2288 at Skype and share your resume!